Elect Dr. Frederick Jenkins to the Judiciary Board November 2018

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Dr. Frederick Jenkins has been a member of the Church of God in Christ for more than four decades.  He serves at all levels of the Church;


At the Local Level;

He serves as a Pastor in his 46th year.

At the Jurisdictional Level, he serves as:

Administrative Assistant in his 20th year, 

District Superintendent in his 24th year,

He is the Elected Chairman of the Jurisdictional Pastors and Elders Council now in his 13th year.

He has served as Jurisdictional Secretary for 10 years, and Chairman of the Jurisdictional Ordination Board for 10 years.

On the National Level He is:

A member of the Executive Committee of the General Council of Pastors and Elders now in his 16th  years, and has served on the Judicial Review Committee/Appeals Court for the GCPE of the COGIC  for 16 years and as its Chairman and Chief Judge for 5 years.  It was during this time he was assigned by then GCPE Chairman the late Supt. Isaiah C. Grover to Revise and Enhance the Pastors and Elders handbook, which he accomplished in August 2011 presented, past and adopted by the full Council as the Official Handbook of the GCPE.  After adjudicating on appeal more than 24 cases, he was inspired to write and publish the following books:

  • Jurisdictional Pastors and Elders Council Hand Book
  • Understanding Due Process for Pastors and Elders
  • Biblical Due Process God’s Requirement for Justice
  • Church Pastor, the IRS and the Law
  • Rest and Restoration for Pastors
  • A Guide through the Judicial Process

His service in the General Assembly includes:

Executive Committee member now in his 18th year,

He has been Chairman of the Job-Description and Remuneration Committee since 2011; presenting to the General Assembly in 2015 the Handbook on Job-Description for all elected officers in the COGIC.

Former Member, Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Rules Committee for 12 years,

Member of the Articles of Religion Committee 20 years,

He served as Research Analysis for the Establishment of the Judiciary Board,

He served in two Constitution Conventions.

During this time he was inspired to write and publish the following books:

  • The Church Of God In Christ Deliberative Assembly
  • An Understanding of the Episcopacy

Dr. Jenkins is:

  • A Certified in Ecclesiastical Law and Church Polity,
  • A Certified Professional Parliamentarian, and

Education: Dr. Jenkins holds the following degrees: Associates of Science in Money and Banking, Bachelor of Science in Business Law, Bachelor of Theology in Pastoral Care Counseling, Master of Arts in Adult Education, Master of Theology in Systematic Theology, Doctor of Theology in Cannon Law and Church Polity


He is the husband of Jurisdictional Supervisor Diane L. Jenkins for 48 years; they are the parents of two adult daughters, and six grandchildren.


He brings Judicial Experience,

Knowledge of Constitutional Law,

Wisdom in the Judicial Process,

and Integrity.

He Understands: The Culture of our Church, its Customs, Traditions and History.


Elect Dr. Frederick Jenkins to the Judiciary Board

November 2018

Every prudent and cautious Judge will remember that his or her duty is not to make the law but to interpret and apply the law; knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do, this understanding is developed through Judicial Experience which Dr. Jenkins brings to the Judiciary Board.

Elect Dr. Frederick Jenkins


The General Assembly


The Judiciary Board

November 2018



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Letter of Withdrawal

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New Cathedral

128 West Hamilton Street, Lincolnville, S.C. 29485
Ministry Line 843-871-6848 Fax 843-821-6148 Email: mynewvisioncenter@gmail.com
Dr. Edward Lee Johnson, Sr.-Pastor


To: COGIC constituents
From: Edward Lee Johnson, Sr.
Re: New Vision Cathedral Inc. COGIC withdrawal and South Carolina certificate of incorporation

Date: 11/18/2016

It is with much spiritual conviction that I submit this letter to you. I cannot continue to support an organization that I truly believe that its leadership is not following basic biblical ethics and spiritual values. I left home at the age of 17 in 1972 for the military as a backslidden teenager who grew up in my parent’s church. A year and a half later I got arrested by the Holy Spirit at a party while smoking pot and drinking with my friends. I was actually in El Paso Texas at the time when God saved and called me into ministry in 1974. I was transferred to Germany that same year after preaching my first sermon at Calvary in the month of July. When I got to Germany, I couldn’t find a COGIC church so I attended the Church of God Serviceman Center in Nuremberg, Germany.

For an entire year I cut my spiritual teeth in a ministry with a White pastor and predominately White congregation. I develop such a great relationship with my pastor—when he took his family vacation with his wife and two small children for an entire week in England, he took me along and I spent the week with them. When I returned home in1975, I became extremely active with my dad at Calvary. The greatest struggle I had early on was the cultural differences between what I experienced in Germany versus being back home in a COGIC church. In fact, when I would preach, people told me I sounded White. I shared that with the late Bishop H. J. Bell who became our Bishop in 1976; and he said to me, “Well brother Ed you have to blacken up your preaching a little.” What he really meant was that I needed to learn how to whoop like Black preachers. He obviously saw something in me that I couldn’t see at the moment because he appointed me to be the Jurisdictional Secretary around 1977, and Associate Pastor of Friendship in 1981. Although I objected to a lot of things that Bishop Bell did—I was too naïve to confront him. That was then—but I’m not that novice in ministry anymore. I believe that the course that I have taken in my ministry over the past 20 years is that “good fight of faith” that the Apostle Paul taught about, “follow peace with all men…”. The foundation that I received from my father’s ministry has kept me on the straight and narrow through the worst of my spiritual test.

I said all of that in order to help you understand my reasoning for relinquishing my ties with the current COGIC structure. I honestly believe that the leaders have taken the church completely away from the principles in which Bishop Charles H. Mason built it. The corruption didn’t start with Bishop Blake—but he has taken things off the rails just like President Obama did by glorifying immorality in a way that no other president in my lifetime has done. For the past 40 years I struggled in my heart about the cultural differences as well as trying to make sense of the denominational division among churches. I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t some kind of working relationship with like minded Christian organizations for the benefit of our communities; and especially White and Black Pentecostal. As the Holy Spirit began to teach me how all the division got started among denominational churches within the body of Christ —He also gave me a real passion to work with churches outside of the COGIC box.

We use scriptures out of context to justify ourselves like, “touch not my anointed” and “let the wheat and the tare grow together”. If you know anything about the anointing, you would know that a man with the practices and culture like Charles Blake is NOT anointed. And, as for the wheat and the tare parable—go back and read (Matthew 13:36-43) the explanation of the text. Jesus said that the field is the “world” and not the church. If you say that you cannot touch the tare in the church in an attempt to justify openly corrupt and vile people serving in God’s church—then any application to spiritual discipline taught by Jesus and the apostles will not be applicable in any church setting. Of course homosexuals, whoremongers, liars, backbiters, people who are full of hate etc practicing a vile lifestyle, should be allowed to exist in the field “world,” but not in the church. That’s the whole meaning of going into the highways and hedges to preach to sinners. If our gospel be hid—it is hidden from those that are blinded by sin. The purpose of the gospel is to transform the sinner into a saint. If our gospel be compromised—we will all be punished by God as wicked servants in the judgment. And, some weak pastors will have their works burned up even though he or she may scarcely make it into the kingdom.

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COGIC Young Men of Valor Debacle

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Young Men of Valor CoverNew Cathedral

    128 West Hamilton Street, Lincolnville, S.C. 29485 Ministry Line 843-871-6848 Fax 843-821-6148

Dr. Edward Lee Johnson Sr., Senior Pastor


To: COGIC Constituents

From: Edward Lee Johnson Sr.

Re: Bishop Charles Blake and COGIC’s tacit response to the Man of Valor sexual perverted manual debacle

Date: June 5, 2016


This latest move from Bishop Charles Blake’s administration is straight out of the Mafia play book, i.e. cover your buddies but kill the dissenters. These statements that were sent out from the church do not address the core issues with the COGIC Man of Valor Program—it is just a PR stunt for damage control. (See both statements in the following pages of this letter). If Bishop Blake wants to make this right, he needs to remember what he did in December 2014 with Earl Carter. (In my opinion it was to appease the gay community.) The material in the manual actually VALIDATES what Earl Carter was destroyed for. In Bishop Charles Edward Blake’s own words: “It was under my watch that this happened…” So, why did Ben Stevens get to write a letter with a simple slap on the wrist but Earl Carter was not given the chance to?  Pastor Carter was told by Bishop Blake not to write a statement until he or his PR person gets back to him; but within five days he went on the World Wide Web with a video and assassinated Carter. He used statements like: “That Speaker,” as if he didn’t know anything about the person that he knew of for over 40 years. No godly person will do this without making it right.

Producing this manual and putting it into circulation was a subtle and deliberate move. The culprits didn’t plan on the adults paying too much attention but it was meant to open the floodgates for the next generation of vulnerable COGIC’s. However, just like anything that Satan does, he cannot foresee consequences. Those who were in on this corruption under estimated the power of Social Media. If Earl Carter was not so far on the opposing end of this administration, and didn’t “Ring This Bell” as loudly as he did, everyone would have slept right though this crisis. You know what has been said about us and much of it is true: “If you want to hide it from Black people, put it in a book”. I don’t agree with everything that Dr. Carter does; and no one agrees on everything all the time. However—the cause is legitimate. When this whole fiasco got out of hand and apparent that the entire leadership dropped the ball in forcing the Presiding Bishop to do the right thing, it was time for Nathan to confront David and make his unrepentant sin and pride public.

I have reasons to believe that the manual was actually produced by Ben Stevens, a product of West Angeles. He was formerly over the program, and it is believed that the book was his work. When Dr. David Hall was apprised of the content in the manual—as a member of the publishing house board—he ordered it to taken off of the bookstore shelf and not to be produced in the publishing house. However, three days later Ben Stevens ordered that it be put back into circulation, and that is why I was able to purchase a copy from the publishing house. Ben knew exactly what was in the manual—but when Earl Carter exposed it to the extent that he did after I sent it to him—no one wanted to take ownership for this corrupt material being printed from a holiness church publishing house. In fact—no statement that was sent out actually tells us who produced the manual. Can we get the proper information on this issue NOW? A wise third grader can see through these shenanigans.

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