Elect Dr. Frederick Jenkins to the Judiciary Board November 2018

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Dr. Frederick Jenkins has been a member of the Church of God in Christ for more than four decades.  He serves at all levels of the Church;


At the Local Level;

He serves as a Pastor in his 46th year.

At the Jurisdictional Level, he serves as:

Administrative Assistant in his 20th year, 

District Superintendent in his 24th year,

He is the Elected Chairman of the Jurisdictional Pastors and Elders Council now in his 13th year.

He has served as Jurisdictional Secretary for 10 years, and Chairman of the Jurisdictional Ordination Board for 10 years.

On the National Level He is:

A member of the Executive Committee of the General Council of Pastors and Elders now in his 16th  years, and has served on the Judicial Review Committee/Appeals Court for the GCPE of the COGIC  for 16 years and as its Chairman and Chief Judge for 5 years.  It was during this time he was assigned by then GCPE Chairman the late Supt. Isaiah C. Grover to Revise and Enhance the Pastors and Elders handbook, which he accomplished in August 2011 presented, past and adopted by the full Council as the Official Handbook of the GCPE.  After adjudicating on appeal more than 24 cases, he was inspired to write and publish the following books:

  • Jurisdictional Pastors and Elders Council Hand Book
  • Understanding Due Process for Pastors and Elders
  • Biblical Due Process God’s Requirement for Justice
  • Church Pastor, the IRS and the Law
  • Rest and Restoration for Pastors
  • A Guide through the Judicial Process

His service in the General Assembly includes:

Executive Committee member now in his 18th year,

He has been Chairman of the Job-Description and Remuneration Committee since 2011; presenting to the General Assembly in 2015 the Handbook on Job-Description for all elected officers in the COGIC.

Former Member, Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Rules Committee for 12 years,

Member of the Articles of Religion Committee 20 years,

He served as Research Analysis for the Establishment of the Judiciary Board,

He served in two Constitution Conventions.

During this time he was inspired to write and publish the following books:

  • The Church Of God In Christ Deliberative Assembly
  • An Understanding of the Episcopacy

Dr. Jenkins is:

  • A Certified in Ecclesiastical Law and Church Polity,
  • A Certified Professional Parliamentarian, and

Education: Dr. Jenkins holds the following degrees: Associates of Science in Money and Banking, Bachelor of Science in Business Law, Bachelor of Theology in Pastoral Care Counseling, Master of Arts in Adult Education, Master of Theology in Systematic Theology, Doctor of Theology in Cannon Law and Church Polity


He is the husband of Jurisdictional Supervisor Diane L. Jenkins for 48 years; they are the parents of two adult daughters, and six grandchildren.


He brings Judicial Experience,

Knowledge of Constitutional Law,

Wisdom in the Judicial Process,

and Integrity.

He Understands: The Culture of our Church, its Customs, Traditions and History.


Elect Dr. Frederick Jenkins to the Judiciary Board

November 2018

Every prudent and cautious Judge will remember that his or her duty is not to make the law but to interpret and apply the law; knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do, this understanding is developed through Judicial Experience which Dr. Jenkins brings to the Judiciary Board.

Elect Dr. Frederick Jenkins


The General Assembly


The Judiciary Board

November 2018



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