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Pastor Solomon L. Williams

One day as I sat, pondering on things I could see and wonder about, I thought, why is it, we African Americans as a whole, live in squalor while others seemingly have been given the ability to produce for themselves the necessities of life and more with no hassle? I began to think about certain characters of life that are bigger than the imagination. Like the developer of McIntosh. Do you know how rich he is? He just started thinking and brought his thoughts to fruition by believing he could do it no matter what others thought about it. His inner self consumed him with his thoughts. His mind impregnated with thoughts he could not control. He was not thinking about being rich, he just thought about making long distance calls without being charged a red cent. You know, he achieved his objective and went much further and today we have the computer, iPad, iPod and many other developments. Because a boy sat down and permitted, his spirit to be stirred by a power within which he obviously did not perceive as the GOD of the universe using him to bring about change on this earth that everybody could benefit. I received my answer. GOD has no respect of person and He can use whomever He will, because He is GOD Jehovah Elohim.

Oh, yeah, I can sit here and think about the impediments evil has taken against us, like institutionalized racism. However, the bottom line is how I perceive of myself.

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