Was Jesus Silent on Same Sex Relationships?

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Christ TeachingWas Jesus Silent on Same Sex Relationships?

By: Elder Steve Jamison

There are those in the church today who hold the belief that Jesus was silent on the subject of homosexuality. They go so far as to say, since he made no direct comments on the subject, the church cannot take a firm stand against it. Many are using this seemingly gray area to suggest that Jesus was pro homosexual. After all, if this were such a taboo subject, why would Jesus not personally address it? This concept or doctrine is becoming very popular among younger Christians. In addition, many traditional Christian leaders deem the subject too controversial, and avoid it altogether. Their willingness to avoid the issue has created a vacuum, allowing the proliferation of misinformation, causing many well-intended seekers to reach the wrong conclusion.

However, to say that Jesus himself never addressed the issue of homosexuality is erroneous. Jesus thoroughly addresses the matter in Matthew, chapter, 19. In the third verse, the Jews sought to trip him up, by asking him a question steeped in controversy. “Is it lawful for a man to put away his wife for every cause?” There were opposing teachings on the subject; some believed you could divorce your wife for any reason, others held to the more traditional reasons, i.e., fornication or adultery. In the next verse Jesus did what we should do in all matters of controversy, he took them back to Gods original purpose of the male female relationship…

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